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PhD in Public Health Sciences



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The Brown School’s PhD program in Public Health Sciences prepares students to think critically as public health scientists, succeed as independent investigators, and understand and address public health challenges for the nation and the world. It provides students hands-on research experiences and mentoring; a curriculum that builds methodological and analytical skills, and deep knowledge of the field’s theoretical and conceptual underpinnings, philosophy and history; and professional acculturation and network building. 

Curriculum Overview
The degree requires 72 graduate units (i.e., course credit hours), of which 21 units may be transferred from a relevant master’s degree, as approved by the program director. In addition to their coursework, students will develop and be tested on a written “area statement”, an individualized course of study that summarizes the theoretical and scientific literature and key gap areas in their specific area of study. Students also will complete three mentored research practicums, and will gain experience in classroom teaching and course organization and management through three teaching practicums. All students will complete a dissertation and oral dissertation defense.

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