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Global Opportunities


At the Brown School, students have unique opportunities to effect change all over the world. Those who have demonstrated a commitment to working in global or international settings may have access to international practica. Others may find research opportunities and/or off-campus academic programs to build professional skills in a dynamic international setting.

Global Research
Our faculty lead international research projects, often hiring students as research assistants to partner in their work. Faculty have recently been investigating asset building in Peru, undernutrition in Haiti, educational attainment in China, and indoor air pollution in India.
Field-Based Transdisciplinary Problem-Solving (TPS) Courses
TPS courses, which include recent trips to India and Haiti, integrate research from multiple disciplines in order to address real-world problems in a comprehensive way. Students and faculty have the chance to work in communities and examine public health and economic development challenges specific to those regions.

International Practicum
An international practicum is a field placement that is completed in a Core Affiliated Practicum (CAP) site outside of the United States.  Students interested in completing an international practicum must:

  • Be enrolled in one of the following concentrations or specializations and demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in an international field of social work and/or public health:
  • International Social and Economic Development - MSW 
  • Global Health specialization - MPH 
  • Individualized in internationally-focused concentration – approved by Global Programs Office (GPO)
  • OR petition for approval from the GPO

  • Receive joint approval from the Office of Field Education & Community Partnerships and the GPO. Approval involves a guided selection process with faculty and staff.

  • Successfully complete (B grade or better) at least one international course from a pre-selected list before commencing the international practicum.

  • Complete a pre-application with the Global Programs Office ranking their top three choices from the list of Core Affiliated Sites.

  • Cover costs associated with travel to the international site.

For the International Practicum Guidelines and online application, please visit


 TPS Course in Haiti


 India Institute


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