Generalist MPH Track | Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
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Generalist Specialization

Drawing from a range of specialization competencies, Generalists dedicate their coursework to issues pertinent to their research and professional interests.

Generalists identify a list of public health competencies they plan to develop during their studies. To pursue these competencies, they have flexibility to learn from faculty members and coursework ranging across our established specializations, and could include topics such as climate change, maternal and child health outcomes, health policy, nutrition, and many more.

Taking full advantage of the program’s extensive and diverse selection of courses, approximately a third of our MPH students select to pursue the Generalist track.

Program Requirements

With guidance from their advisor, students in this track select course work that fulfills graduation requirements and addresses core competencies in public health. They may dedicate nine credits toward electives of their choice. Students can add additional breadth to their studies by enrolling in Transdisciplinary Problem Solving courses that align with their interests.


The MPH program requires students to complete 360 hours of practicum. Students work with an advisor to determine a site that will support your academic and professional interests.


Students are paired with an advisor based on their academic and professional interests. Your advisor will support you in selecting the coursework that will prepare you to begin your professional career.

Lora Iannotti

Angela Hobson, Specialization Chair 

Angela Hobson's research and practice interests focus on environmental exposure assessment and environmental justice. She has previously served as a registered environmental health specialist, and is a current member of Washington University’s Environmental Justice Initiative. Dr. Hobson serves as the Brown School’s assistant dean of public health and she teaches courses on environmental health and epidemiology.

Doneisha Bohannon

Featured Graduate

“I chose the Brown School because there were many public health experts there that I could work with directly. The professor I worked with gave me opportunities to present and publish my work. She really encouraged me through her mentorship and guidance.”

—Doneisha Bohannon, MPH ’14, DIRECTOR OF Community Health Partnerships and Collaboration, BJC HealthCare